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A measured to fit hat is more comfortable
Velour felt for warmth & durabilitiy
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What is my FACE SHAPE?

Look at the drawing below. Choose your shape from one of the six face shapes.

Still not sure what your face shape is?

Look at your face in the mirror. With bar soap, trace the shape of your face directly onto the mirror ... Now stand back and observe "objectively."

What hat best suits my face shape??
Here are a few simple guidelines:

OVAL: Streamline shapes, worn forward, square or round crowns, brims swept up on
the side(s) or back. Oval face shapes are flattered by most hat shapes. Lucky Oval...

ROUND: higher crowns (as wide as your face) slanted crowns. Medium or small brims, neat styles, worn forward or on a sassy slant.
Asymmetrical brims will lessen the roundness. Wear profile brims in varied sizes.

LONG: Minimize face length with wide hat bands; square crowns. Avoid hat crowns that are too high or full. Medium to wide brims, worn straight or forward. Sharp, straight styles.
These straight brim styles "cut" the length appearance of your face.

SQUARE: Round crowns or curved edge square crown. Large brims with soft lines,
upturned brims, Asymmetrical brims. Avoid wearing hat too far back on the head.

WIDE: Off the face styles, bretons, (upturned brims) pillboxes worn back These will add "lift."
Profile brims.

HEART: Asymmetrical designs, Square or round crowns tilted to one side, Profile hats and brims with soft curves.

The Profile Brim is the most flattering of ALL HAT STYLES on all face shapes.
Always consider crowns that align with the widest part of your face, no matter the face shape.
DON'T BE AFRAID to make a mistake... PUT on a hat and have fun! The more you wear hats, the more fun will follow ...... you'll see.....

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