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A measured to fit hat is more comfortable
Velour felt for warmth & durabilitiy
Don't be shy, your fitting is private.
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Off the rack? Or custom millinery made just for you?
Ask and ye shall receive :-)
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We don't just talk ... we listen.

It's ABOUT YOU — and you deserve the indulgence.
You are a person whose time is both limited and precious —
You're Virtual Window Shopping now, aren't you?
We will help make your custom hat experience as seamless as possible.

We can handle everything over the Internet ... though, in the end (and altogether faster) there is nothing like a person to person conversation detailing your desires.
So, how do we begin? TALK TO YOUR MILLINER.
Pick up the phone and CALL GENA CONTI at 734-284-3417.

It's my pleasure to help spoil you with the custom hat YOU WANT—
A hat that fits, that best complements you and your lifestyle.

We can send you swatches, sketches, faxes and email with photos.
You can send us swatches you are trying to coordinate (and photos).
We'll mail you our custom measurement form, or you can print the

CUSTOM MEASUREMENTS form and return it by mail OR you can relay THAT information directly to me in an email or when we speak.

We'll set you up in a Virtual PRIVATE FITTING ROOM

1. What colors and materials (felt, straw, fabric...) you have in mind?

2. What is your head size? (See Detailed CUSTOM MEASUREMENTS).

Confused about your head size based upon standard "Mens Hat Sizes?" -- See our INTERNATIONAL HAT SIZE CONVERSION guide by clicking here.

4. Will this hat be for every day wear or a special event? Are you coordinating it with a particular piece of outerwear or outfit (if so, I will want to see your color swatches and a photograph or sketch of the clothing, if available.).

5. What are your special concerns? Don't be shy, tell me ... I'm Your Milliner.

*You may order custom made Ready-to-Wear designs in additional colors, sizes, with custom trim and embelishments. Your final price will vary depending upon your selections.


TIME FRAME: Custom hat orders generally ship between 8 - 12 weeks depending how intricate the details of your selection and clients already in the queue. Bridal headpieces up to 16 weeks.

In a hurry?
Give us a CALL. How could we say "no" without even discussing your possiblities?

COSTS: CUSTOM orders are based upon time and materials. Prices will vary depending upon your selections.. The Ready-to-Wear Collections will give you a good idea for a starting point. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to begin work on your custom hat. Your balance is due prior to shipping (or pick up ... we'd LOVE to see you in the Salon). See our ORDERING department for further details.

Here are a few custom hats designed and made for satisfied clients:

If you want more than off the rack, CUSTOM IS FOR YOU.
Call GENA CONTI in the CUSTOM SALON 734-284-3417.

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