"Tickled Pink"
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Kentucky Derby Museum chooses Gena Conti Millinery for the 2004 prestigious Hat Exhibit.
Gena Conti Millinery chosen for Kentucky Derby Museum Hat Exhibit 4 years running ....

This hat has been SOLD

"Tickled Pink"
The Kentucky Derby Museum has chosen our
One-of-a-kind Collection for the Museum’s “Derby Hat Exhibit” for 2004!

... We're delighted to have been chosen for the second year in a row!

This exhibit highlights one of the Derby’s most glamorous traditions, the exquisite hats worn on race day. The Museum considered hats of all types from around the world including designer and novelty in either men or ladies styles, during May and June 2003. The Museum’s distinguished panel of judges then selected the “best 20-30 hats that most represented the Kentucky Derby.”

We were notified in early July that our custom designed, one-of-a-kind chapeau, “TICKLED PINK” was selected for the Kentucky Derby Museum’s prestigious exhibit
The winning hat designs are now on display at the Museum through June 2005.
For more details, contact Gena Conti at her salon (734) 284-3417 or by email:

The Kentucky Derby Museum is located at Gate 1 of Churchill Downs. For more Museum information call (502) 637-1111 or visit the museum on line at derbymuseum.org

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