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A measured to fit hat is more comfortable
Velour felt for warmth & durabilitiy
Don't be shy, your fitting is private.

SIZES: 23, 23 ½, 24
Don't know your size? MEASURE YOUR HEAD

COLORS: Black, Brown, Bordeaux, Aubergene, Grey

Pastels (Velour) available (add $50)
Beaver Felt: (Add $70): Black, Brown
or Leopard /print Beaver Felt (Add $80)

Made from double face velour felt with matching handmade velour roping and ornamental felt feather in the back ... or is it the front? You decide.

You may want to be alone — but your fans won't hear of it. It's too late ... they've seen you board the train to London. The press will be waiting at Victoria Station. You must think quickly.
You'll have a steaming cup of tea. Soothing, calming and just what you need to clear your thoughts. Ahhh ... it's simple. You'll turn your GRETTA around, front to back. That's it! An altogether different looking hat in no time at all.
The train slowly pulls into the station. You touch up your lipstick, don a pair of dark glasses and step down onto the platform ... a changed GRETTA escapes. At last, alone.

Visit the CUSTOM SALON or call us for special color requests or unique trim and vintage accents. There's a whole lot in store just for you.

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