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A measured to fit hat is more comfortable
Velour felt for warmth & durabilitiy
Don't be shy, your fitting is private.

Don't know your size? MEASURE YOUR HEAD

COLORS: Black, Brown, Bordeaux, Taupe, Red

Made from Velour felt. Trimmed with extra wide black grosgrain band and bow at the back.
Pastels (Velour) available (add $40)
Beaver Felt: (Add $50): Black, Brown
or Leopard /print Beaver Felt (Add $60)

Named for Ms. Georgena (your Gena Conti hat just wouldn't look the same without her assistance and attentive, detailed hand stitching in the workrooms) GEORGE is a smart little topper with a whole lot of charm and know how. There's nothing pretentious about GEORGE. You know (and so will they) just where you stand — on top!

I have a GEORGE myself. Of course it's custom. I wear it as a cocktail hat (my hat size is 23) tipped forward and cocked slightly, sloping over one brow. Mine is black with tulle band and streamers ... and sometimes I add a "sparkle." Many hat dreams really do come true in the CUSTOM SALON. CALL us 734-284-3417.

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