Derby Spectator Roses ll SOLD
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A measured to fit hat is more comfortable
Velour felt for warmth & durabilitiy
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...Because you asked ... DERBY SPECTATOR ROSES : Recreated ...for ONE MORE APPEARANCE

"Derby Spectator Roses"hat is hand sewn from 4 layers of white sinamay straw; hand blocked (molded) in a disk-like shape.
The sinamay is overlaid with tiny black and white “dotted Swiss” tulle fabric. The hat’s base is fashioned from the same materials and secured on the head with glossy black headband (and elastic band for added comfort & security --- just in case one’s had one too many mint juleps..........)

The asymmetrical hat “disk” cradles a lovely bunch of long stemmed, winner’s circle, red feather rose buds--- a sure bet at Churchill Downs!

One Size Fitting

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